About Sobi

This is Sobi

Sobi is an international rare disease company dedicated to providing access to innovative treatments that make a significant difference for people with rare diseases. 

Strong and growing portfolio

We have three business areas: Haemophilia, Immunology and Specialty Care. Our research and product portfolio is primarily focused on haemophilia, immunology, and genetic and metabolic diseases. In Haemophilia, Sobi seeks to shape new standards, optimise treatment, build evidence, create sustainable access and provide community support in haemophilia care. During 2018 we strengthened our Immunology franchise with two products and we will continue to explore further external growth opportunities to strengthen our business and late stage pipeline, and by that give more people living with rare diseases access to new innovative treatments.   

Integrated biotechnology company

Sobi is an integrated biotechnology company with in-house capabilities that encompass the entire value chain, from research, to preclinical and clinical development, biologics manufacturing and supply, to patient access and distribution. This integrated approach is a prerequisite for providing proprietary drugs, and an enabler for partnerships, especially at early stages of drug development. 

Preferred partner

With our dedication and strong capabilities across the entire value chain, we aim to become the preferred partner for pharmaceutical companies with strong franchises and promising drug candidates in rare disease and niche indications. 

Growing international presence

With our head office in Stockholm, Sweden, the Sobi organisation spans 25 countries, delivering treatments to patients in over 60 countries across the globe. Europe is the core market for the haemophilia franchise. We aim to expand our business further.