We will continue to build on our strong position that covers the entire value chain for treatment of rare diseases in EMENAR and North America. Sobi offers an integrated process, from in-house research and development in protein characterisation, biologics manufacturing and industrialisation, to commercialisation of products for rare diseases.

Partnering with stakeholders and facilitating effective and timely rare-disease therapy development, including an extensive and robust distribution network, creates unique opportunities for us to add value to the rare-disease field.

Sobi's strategy for future growth

Further internationalisation and commercialisation of Haemophilia

Build Specialty Care as the preferred partner 

Strengthen position in the US and EMENAR

Build pipeline and self-sustained R&D

Our EHL products are the first advances in many years in the haemophilia space. Securing a broad and rapid launch has been a high priority for the company. We aim to further develop our position in the field through continued dedication to advancing care and by developing follow-on compounds.

Our market organisation is well equipped to manage a larger portfolio. We are exploring different growth opportunities in Specialty Care, building on our capabilities of bringing products to patients in a complex market. We aim to rebalance our geographic footprint by scaling up and advancing operations in certain of our existing regions, particularly in North America. The goal is for our portfolio to reflect the geographical balance seen in the rare-disease domain between Europe and North America. We aim to strengthen our late-stage R&D pipeline and fuel proprietary product development, with the aim of producing commercially viable products that are able to propel the company. We are exploring different opportunities, primarily within existing therapeutic areas.