Strategy for future growth

Our strategy for growth is to capitalise on our strong position and substantial potential in Haemophilia, and to build a broader Specialty Care portfolio. This will ensure a sustainable company in both the short and long term. 

  • Capitalising on our position and potential in Haemophilia. Our extended half-life (EHL) products are the first advances in haemophilia for many years, and we are working hard to expand access to new patients. We will continue to develop in haemophilia through our research into follow-on compounds and advancing care.
  • Expand the Specialty Care portfolio. Our market organisation is well equipped to manage a larger portfolio than we have today. We are therefore exploring growth opportunities in Specialty Care, to make the most of our capabilities in bringing innovative treatments to patients.  
  • Geographical expansion. We are looking to expand our Specialty Care operations in specific regions, particularly in North America. 
  • Strengthen late-stage R&D pipeline. We continue to strengthen our late-stage R&D pipeline, and are exploring several opportunities, primarily within existing therapeutic areas