Sobi is currently a member several trade associations in the countries where we operate. A list of these can be found below.

Country Name of trade association

Europa Bio




Life Sciences Ontario

Czech Republic Local orphan drug grouping
Denmark Local orphan drug grouping – Orphan Drug Coalition

FIB – Finnish Bioindustries Association

PIF – Pharmaceutical Industry in Finland Association


LEEM – Les Entreprises du Médicament

GEIP – Groupement des Exportateurs de l’Industrie Pharmaceutique

GERS – Groupement de l’élaboration & de la réalisation de Statistiques


BPI – Bundesverband der pharmazeutischen Industrie
AKG – Arzneimittel und Kooperation im Gesundheitswesen

Hungary Local orphan drug grouping
Italy Assobiotech
Latvia Association of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers in Latvia
The Netherlands HollanBio
Norway Oslo Cancer Cluster
Portugal P-Bio in the ODWG (Orphan Drug Working Group)
Slovakia The Orphan Platform – The Slovak Association of Manufacturers of Orphan Drugs
Spain Local orphan drug grouping – AELMHU – Asociación Española de Laboratorios de Medicamentos Huérfanos y Ultrahuérfanos
Sweden LIF - Trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden
UK EMIG – Ethical Medicines Industry Group
US MassBio - Massachusetts Biotechnology Council