Our company’s responsibilities includes social responsibility, management systems for environmental protection and patient responsibilities.

Responsibility, commitment and sustainable development

We make great efforts to be an attractive and accountable company in order to create sustained value for both patients and shareholders. Sobi is focused on providing and developing orphan and niche specialist pharmaceuticals to patients with high medical needs. We approach our work with pride, convinced that we make a difference. In addition to developing and marketing medications that meet significant medical needs, our responsibility is also to safeguard the interests of our employees and the society around us.

We also actively promote and strengthen our values through internal platforms for discussions on corporate cultures, and we place great emphasis on ethical, safety and environmental concerns both in our daily work and in strategic work for the future.

Sobi reports on its sustainability efforts within the framework of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and applies the fourth generation guidelines (G4) in accordance with the "Core" option.