At Sobi, we put the needs of people with rare diseases first. We know that this is the best way to make a real difference and create long-term, sustainable value for everyone. And because we care, we need to act.

Talking to people with rare diseases, care-givers and health-care professionals, learning about medical and other patient needs, inspires us to develop and provide new solutions. We believe that a close collaboration between all stakeholders, with everyone focusing on the needs of people with rare diseases, is a crucial element in ensuring the best outcomes for patients and their families. 

Liberate Life – Living Life Beyond Haemophilia is Sobi's vision within Haemophilia, based on our determination to transform lives for people with rare diseases. It builds on our dedication to positive change, to new opportunities for people living with haemophilia, to a life without compromise. Read more about Liberate Life on  

This is a guiding principle for our work within Sobi too. Our integrated, cross-functional teams listen and interact in a way that mirrors the way we collaborate with our external customers and the communities we serve.

We see true availability and access to treatment as essential. That is why we involve stakeholders in all stages of the development process, allowing us to deliver the most meaningful value for patients, the health-care system, the community and our shareholders.

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