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Amina living with urea cycle disorder
Amina living with urea cycle disorder

The information you will find here is for healthcare professionals only.

Sobi is an international integrated biopharmaceutical company that markets specialist pharmaceuticals in several regions globally. The company head office is located in Sweden.

Using its expertise and experience, Sobi takes scientific innovation in the rare disease area to patients with significant medical need. Research expertise and capabilities are focused on development and production of biotechnology therapeutics within our prioritised areas of haemophilia and inflammation/ autoimmune diseases.

Sobi offers more than 45 different medicines in a wide range of therapy areas.Through our marketing and sales force, we currently promote and sell prescription drugs in therapeutic areas such as rheumatology, haematology, haemophilia, oncology, metabolic disease and emergency medicine.

Sobi is present through its own local affiliates throughout Europe. the Middle East and North America. 

We constantly strive to improve the medicines and services we provide to patients worldwide and we can be successful in this mission only through dialogue with you as health care professionals. Our representatives, locally or at headquarters in Stockholm, will always appreciate your feedback and will do their utmost to provide the service and support that you can expect from a company focusing on patients with significant medical needs.

Transparent collaborations

In the rare-disease community, collaboration between authorities, healthcare professionals, companies and patient organisations has always been a cornerstone of the development of new and better treatments and this needs to be done in the right way. Increased transparency provides an even stronger basis for continued collaboration and can positively impact the quality of research, development and manufacturing across the industry. In order to secure future collaboration and to raise public awareness, we support transparency initiatives, including the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) Disclosure Code in Europe and the Physician Payments Sunshine Act in the US. In June 2016, we implemented the EFPIA Disclosure Code and made all payments and transfers of value to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations in Europe from 2015 publicly available, including sponsorships to attend meetings, grants and donations, speaker fees, consultancy and advisory boards.

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